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White Papers / Lean series

Informing our clients and community about best practices in operational excellence, leadership and innovation is an integral part of Productivity’s mission.

Our ongoing series of original white papers supports that mission by bringing you practical insights from our work, our research, and our network of experts.

In this inaugural collection, we compile into one brief volume three white papers that address critical and timely issues for lean leaders.
True lean transformation depends on leadership practices that drive culture change, including how leaders behave on a daily basis – what they do differently – and how they identify and develop lean talent in their organizations. Chapters 1 and 2 provide guidance in these areas.

As companies pursue operational excellence, top leaders must balance efforts to improve the core business and the bottom line with a systematic approach to creating new value propositions that drive the top line.
Chapter 3 shows how lean structures and processes can work in tandem with innovation practices to support long-term growth.
We welcome your feedback on this collection, and any suggestions you may have for future papers.


Productivity has worked with global 1000 companies for more than 30 years. 

Since then, we have applied these methodologies across a wide range of companies working in healthcare, finance and other services. The Productivity Lean Management System provides a uniquely comprehensive, proven approach to lean transformation, incorporating assessment, leadership and operational renewal.

Our strategic innovation system developed during years’ of research into practices in innovation, growth in service and manufacturing organizations.
Our consultants and trainers are seasoned experts, with concrete experience allowing them to tackle the challenges facing top management and to transfer customised knowledge throughout the company.

We have successfully worked with businesses in different fields, including production and processing (automotive, consumer goods, food processing, packaging, mining, gas and oil, chemicals, pharma-ceuticals, printing, etc.), government agencies, healthcare, media and financial services.


BLOG / White papers / Lean series


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