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Productivity and the Fisher College of Business (Ohio State University)

PRODUCTIVITY GROUP introduced the Toyota Production System Lean approach to the West beginning in the late 1970’s.

PRODUCTIVITY has developed over 30 years experience in the implementation of Lean and Six Sigma approaches to improve operational efficiency in businesses, and our activities cover both organizational consulting, Lean and Lean Six Sigma certification, conferences and public events, training materials and technical publications.

PRODUCTIVITY and Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University are partners in the development of Lean and TPM approaches, and in particular in the Lean Manager Certification Program over the last 10 years.

Since 1916, the College of Business at Ohio State University has been training outstanding leaders capable of meeting the challenges of a changing business world with creative and effective solutions.




The MBA program of the Fisher College of Business was ranked the 14th best business schools by the Wall Street Journal.

The Center for Operational Excellence (COE) at Fisher College of Business is a clearing house for knowledge transfer in the field of operational excellence for managers and business managers in all sectors, manufacturing and service industries. 


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