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Operational excellence

Pressure from competitors, customers' implicit and explicit expectations.

Serving our customers better, more efficiently…

« Improving the bottom-line impact of existing value propositions. »

« Achieving perfect production from the outset and delivering at 100% according  to customer requirements. »

To run your core business well, you’ve got to produce and deliver excellent services, products, and solutions to customers rapidly and reliably.

Operational Excellence means eliminating waste from processes …continuously.  By reconfiguring work so that value flows to customers unimpeded, companies free up resources and capital, boost return on assets, and set the stage for sustainable growth. Operational Excellence  is a dynamic and organic journey which will lead an organization to providing better customer experiences, to improve its ability to learn and build capabilities, and to innovate and grow responsibly to continually meet customers’ expectations.

It encompasses all levels of the organization:

  • Senior leadership,  who must clearly define and express the organization’s vision and strategic objectives, deploy them throughout the organization and commit to support all improvement activities.
  • Management teams at all levels that are mobilized to deploy the vision, provide direction, manage operational activities, and spend as much time as possible on employee coaching.
  • Operational teams that  are empowered to solve problems and propose improvement solutions in a faultless and trusting environment and who commit to management of their work flows and development of shared standards.


With more than 30 years’ experience assisting organizations in the implementation of Lean methodologies and the principles of flow management, TPM, project management, etc., Productivity can help to bring additional value to your organization by making operational excellence a way of life.


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