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The productivity group a history of passion, commitment and enterprise innovation.

In the late seventies, the productivity group introduced the toyota production system’s lean approach to the west. Productivity thus developed experience going back more than 30 years in the implementation of lean and six sigma approaches to improve operational efficiency in companies. Our activities cover assistance to organisations, lean and lean six sigma certification, conferences and public events and the publication of training material and specific documents. 


Operational excellence - Leadership and culture - Strategy innovation

For over 30 years, we have assisted companies in all industrial and service sectors in their path to operational excellence, in personal development and Lean culture and in the definition and implementation of their innovation strategy. Our experience is taken from lean's very dna: the toyota production system.

We offer our clients a customised itinerary consisting of:

– Advice in implementing operational efficiency strategy.

– Training through action.

– Practical applications with teams.

– Assistance to managers.

– Project management.

In order to commit all company departments (production, operations, laboratories, product development, support, etc.) to Lean transformation.


Over 30 years’ experience

Learning through action: Seeing differently. Changing behaviour. Creating a dynamic lean management system.

For over 30 years, in partnership with major japanese and american practitioners, we have developed training actions for all corporate levels and lean and advanced lean application modules in-the-field to steadily but definitively introduce the ability to define and roll out operational efficiency strategy in all industrial and service sectors:

– A new flow and activity management system: lean manufacturing.

– TPM approaches to ensure process reliability and control.

– Teamwork-driven management methods.

– A team-solving and ongoing improvement momentum.
For a more efficient, smarter and more committed business

Our commitment aims to:

– Assist senior management in the definition of its strategic priorities.

– Ensure consistency between strategic objectives and the reality of in-the-field actions.

– Empower everyone in a supportive, customer-oriented business, capable of mobilising people to ensure efficient production in western countries.


Speeding up the organisation, strengthening the value proposal, innovating faster.


PRODUCTIVITY offices are located in UK, in USA, in Mexico ,in France.


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