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Value Stream Management

Develop a new vision of administrative flow to create the Lean Office.
Reconfiguring fundamental flows to radically change performance of organisational departments.

Value Stream Management is a method for analysing, improving and managing activity flows, the objective of which is to eliminate waste and synchronise flows in administrative processes to reduce time and budget.

It is part of the Lean Office vision and forms part of the Lean Six Sigma methods.

Used by the most advanced companies, Value Stream Management enables a comprehensive approach to flows (thanks to the Value Stream Mapping method), and sequentially implements reconfiguration stages that will radically change the performance of a company’s services.

Participate in our inter-company seminar to understand the Value Stream Management approach applied to administrative flows, and learn about the potential for improvement at offices.


Reducing processing times and ensuring reliability of services.
Improve customer response capacity, standardise recurrent activities, develop and share skills.

The Lean approaches, applied to services and administrative flow, aim to eliminate interruptions, render the flow continuous and visible and implement performance management among teams.

Productivity Europe supports you in the development of capable and continuous administrative processes.

The objective is to switch from a management system driven by the reduction of direct costs to a system that manages the variability of demand and is focused on the reduction in processing times and the improvement of process reliability:

  • Manage your capacities to respond to customers.
  • Create a system for time management and the balancing and spreading of loads shared by everybody.
  • Introduce the standardisation of repeated activities.
  • Develop a tidy and well-organised working environment (5Ss and visual office).
  • Progressively develop a reciprocal training dynamic in offices for the development and sharing of skills.

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