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Objectives Deployment Hoshin Kanri

People and organization alignment are essential for success.

Lean initiatives must be aligned towards the same objectives, in order to avoid the "bubble effect": a lot of Kaizen events or Lean projects, engaging a lot of people in doing nice things, but without any consistency and consequently no impact on performance.

A team-based organization can be efficient only if team objectives match the organisation’s objectives.

Improvement initiatives and projects should satisfy a specific organisational logic in order to avoid inconsistencies between projects and conflicts between the teams.

Productivity has developed over the years a very structured process starting at C-level, for the definition and the deployment of the strategic objectives, which will then be cascaded at the lower levels of the organization. In this process, the tools are important, but most important is the spirit the process is rolled out, with at each level, the catchball process, the final objective being the adhesion and the commitment of everyone in the organization in these shared objectives. 

We can help your organization in facilitating the process at all levels and helping in the definition, at team levels, of the action plans, project scoping and performance focus deriving from this deployment. 


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