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LSS implementation strategy

A structured process to involve the whole organisation.

An organisation can only adopt an improvement dynamic if management teams are capable of sharing their vision.


The deployment of the Lean Six Sigma, approach in order to involve the whole organisationin the fulfilment of strategic corporate objectives, requires a structured process.

  • Identification by the Executive Board of strategic improvement axes.
  • Deployment of objectives (Hoshin Kanri).
  • Choice of fundamental projects to achieve those objectives.
  • Introduction of appropriate performance indicators and choice of project teams.
  • Development of continuous improvement (Kaizen) within natural teams.
  • Implementation of the Lean management system.


Productivity Europe accompanies management teams in the definition of their roadmap so that they may propose their -year vision to operational teams, a federating factor to start a Lean Six Sigma dynamic:

  • Baseline diagnosis.
  • Assistance in the identification of operational efficiency improvement objectives.
  • Sharing of the vision.
  • Training of management teams.


Productivity will then help to define the implementation strategy and deployment process tailored to your organisation:

  • Lean Six Sigma training for project managers.
  • Assistance with Lean and Lean Six Sigma projects.
  • Training of managers in Lean and continuous improvement.
  • Drawing up of indicators.
  • Progress audits.

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