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Lean Six Sigma in the bank industry

Delivering exceptional customer experiences.

In a lean service enterprise, processes are customer-centric, services flow smoothly, and employees work together toward operational excellence.

In today’s competitive world, banks and financial institutions must now follow the same rule as industrial corporations: produce services efficiently, reduce response times and cut operating costs. To accomplish this, it is necessary to drive change simultaneously in the three core areas of people, processes, and planning. Lean principles address each of these areas.

Lean principles can make operations in any business better, faster, simpler, and less costly, but translating and synthesizing the principles and tools of lean into a sustainable lean transformation is a major challenge in any service organization. 

Productivity consultants have helped finance, insurance and leasing enterprises worldwide instill lean changes with lasting results. By learning how to manage flow visually, balance resources, and shorten lead times, our clients have saved time and money. Most importantly, they’ve become customer-centric and highly responsive, boosting both customer and employee satisfaction, and gaining market share. 

We also have created specific training material for the financial environment, and coached project managers through project management. Some of the assignments we have completed in the Financial Sector include back office and front office process improvements, in the Banking Industry and the Insurance Industry:

Retail Banking backoffices: support to Lean implementation through training and support to lean projects, such as:

  • Improvement of the Mortgage administrative process in order to increase response time
  • Reliability and productivity improvement in the International and Domestic Wire process. Challenge was to face high demand variability

Corporate Investment Banking: support to Lean implementation.

  • Organization of the department in charge of Data Collection and Management (The "Golden Source").the objective was to increase speed of response to the traders and to improve data reliability in relation with compliance.

Lease Solutions: 

  • Improvement of the administrative processes to increase speed of response.
  • Support to management for Policy Deployment.

Insurance: Lean training, and insurance to Regional Back office teams.

  • Improvement of the Legal protection efficiency department, in order to face volume growth.
  • Claim management process: reduction of process lead time.
  • Corporate contracts (industrial risks) management process, with the target of increasing number of contracts.
  • Change management in IT department: leadtime reduction.

Car Lease: Lean training and implementation in all operations departments and in sales. 

  • Productivity Improvement of the sales team, with the target of doubling the conversion rate.
  • Fraud management process.
  • Improvement of all Operations processes...
  • Support to management committee in Policy Deployment and Management Education and Coaching.

Affinity Insurance: Lean training and Lean implementation in all company departments.

  • Operations: Visual flow management in all departments: adhesions, claim management for telecom teams, for bank backoffice teams, etc.
  • Call Centers efficiency: reduction of customer response
  • HR: Reduction of recruitment leadtime
  • Finance: Improvement of the Financial reporting process, support to the Financial department to build flow management in all areas.


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