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5S and Lean Office

Visual standardisation of processes.

It is all about developing a system for organising the workplace and processes through visual displays and control to create a common language in a department in order to:

  • Quickly distinguish what is normal or not in processes.
  • Make anomalies obvious to everyone.
  • Constantly identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Make everybody’s work easier.
  • Encourage the sharing and development of skills.


Operating standards enable people in a department to obtain the information they need in less than a minute; performance levels are immediately visible.

Result: a clean and spotless office, in which:

  • Document flows are entirely visible.
  • The layout and ergonomics of the offices enable users to easily reach every document or object needed.
  • Cupboards are tidy and labelled in a completely visual way.
  • Supplies and materials are stored for automatic replenishment from a certain level.


The creation and implementation of visual standards as part of the 5S organisation is the result of a rigorous analysis and improvement process. 


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