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Internal Support Services

In both Manufacturing and Service environments, the overall company performance is linked to the ability of cross functional processes to run smoothly and effectively for the customer and for the organization:

  • Reduce new product development process lead time, from R&D to manufacturing.
  • Make Order to Cash process reliable and short.
  • Make marketing activities focused and efficient in order to increase new ideas generation and product promotional campaign.
  • Reduce waste in HR processes: reduce recruitment lead time, simplify employee administration to provide a better service, generate more time to support HR as a business partner, etc.
  • Simplify, provide clarity to financial processes to improve reporting reliability, on time delivery and their performance as a support service for the overall organization.
  • Improve Quality Assurance and Control to accelerate analysis and product release.


At all levels, it is about simplifying, thinking differently, and engaging dialogue between functions, reduce communication via e.mails, measure performance to see areas of improvement…

Productivity Lean Services Inc. will help service industry companies to identify and improve your key processes, build the management system capable of sustaining long term operational effectiveness (motion by Productivity), and to create consistency between strategic objectives and improvement focus. We will support you in creating internal capabilities to support the effort.


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