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Improving customer service

Reduce response lead times and improve quality.

How to establish a customer relationship, redefine customer-driven processes and establish service quality as the core priority.

How many of us have had to deal with an absurd situation where, as customers, we were transferred from department to department or operator to operator (sometimes speaking our language with difficulty) in the hope of receiving an answer, obtaining simple advice or the correction of an invoicing or address error?

Productivity gains achieved in the course of the past ten years are expressed in terms of local optimisations of departments, the merger of departments into platforms and the development of standardised services which give customers the impression that service has been downgraded.

The issue facing service organisations nowadays is how to re-establish customer relations, redefine customer-driven processes and restore service quality as a core priority. For that, it is necessary to review performance indicators at all levels, continuously challenge the nature of service provided, train staff and create an organisation that learns from its mistakes and its contacts with customers.


Is it necessary to repeat that there can be no efficiency without improving service quality? 

That Toyota's Lean approaches from the late sixties were developed to regain control of product and service quality to serve customers better? 

We support you in the development strategy of a customer-driven organisation, by rethinking customer experience (The Customer Journey), by redefining customer/process interaction points and focusing the whole organisation on the customer: OUTside In


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