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Healthcare services

Improving processes to spend more time with patients.

In the hospital sector, the implementation of Lean and Lean Six Sigma transforms the organisation by introducing new managerial approaches and structured analysis and improvement methods.


The aim is to improve service to patients, increase responsiveness and consultation capacity and optimise the use of on-site facilities, while complying with hygiene regulations, reducing costs and promoting growth.

This is possible by involving the hospital teams at all levels, choosing projects corresponding to the establishment's priorities and deploying a new efficiency vision of efficiency throughout the organisation.

  • Reduction of resource usage.
  • Identification of bottlenecks.
  • Organisation of workflow.
  • Reduction of document processing times.
  • Improved capacity to respond of consultation departments.
  • Introduction of operating standards.
  • Development of team work.
  • Development of performance management...

It is indispensable to develop an approach tailored to the hospital or clinic environment in order to ensure its acceptance by personnel, while focusing on operational efficiency improvement programmes, by establishing the framework and developing a culture of continuous improvement. 



Productivity’s consultants have worked in hospitals, clinics, insurance, and many administrative and transactional process settings. We use a customized approach that is sensitive to the unique cultural and process issues in each healthcare environment, and supports hands-on involvement by healthcare staff.

For examples of Productivity cases and their outcomes, click on the links below.


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