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Employee perspective and behaviour.

Creating the teamwork culture

Assisting managerial teams in the coordination of teamwork and creation of a trusting climate in order to promote personal development and commitment, in an ongoing improvement and teamwork culture.


Initiatives to improve processes are only sustainable if people become involved.

Productivity's experience shows that improvement initiatives, when conducted at the right pace and in the right frame of mind, commit personnel to a teamwork and continuous improvement culture, thus restoring their vision and re-establishing clear team goals, encouraging them to think together on how to improve themselves and simplify processes using problem solving tools.

It is therefore necessary to support your managerial teams as they move away from their technical expert role towards team facilitation so that they may ensure staff commitment, creating a trusting environment which recognises all improvement efforts.

The result is a reduced absenteeism, an improvement in employee satisfaction and a new way to manage personal development. 


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