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Total Asset Management and TPM

TPM is a programme that aims to considerably improve equipment control: around 50% in 3 years with a 10% to 30% drop in maintenance spending depending on the original situation.

To make such a leap, the technical aspects are not enough. A real cultural change is needed, based on a new, shared vision of installations and each person's role, the development of an autonomous space for in-the-field teams which grows as skills evolve, the implementation of team methodologies and processes at all levels.

An asset management system can be described as the management processes that ensure physical assets will deliver the capabilities needed to generate value for stakeholders during their entire planned work life, in alignemlent with strategic objectives and plans.

The ISO 55000 standards are geared to help companies and organisations get value from their assets. According to the standards, asset management translates the organisation’s objectives into asset-related decisions, plans, and activities, using a risk-based approach.

Four key principles drive the system: value creation, leadership, alignment (from vision to operations), and assurance of capability. It’s all about ability to create value, not the assets themselves.

It’s a tall order and that’s precisely why, when tied with top-level strategies, lean and TPM provide best practices for deploying the necessary management and operational processes.

The further you unpack the ISO 55000 requirements, the more connections with TPM you see. From autonomous maintenance to early equipment management, the eight pillars of TPM encompass a comprehensive, proactive, approach for managing and maintaining physical assets to contribute maximum value over their life cycle.

The standard requires a company to have a documented Asset Management System. It’s here where TPM can play a major role: TPM is basically a Strategic Asset Management Plan.

Productivity Europe helps you to define your asset management strategy and to implement the appropriate TPM approaches.


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