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3P Production Preparation Process

3P combines lean manufacturing principles, cross-disciplinary teamwork and an iterative, prototyping approach to new product and process design, and change to existing products and processes.

3P is a method in which employee teams conceptualize, develop, validate, and deploy radical improvement in product and/or process design. It is a powerful methodology that can help you achieve giant leaps forward in your industry—in fact it often yields results that qualify as industry secrets. And, 3P projects can be process- or product-focused and can be done in both manufacturing and service environments.

In contrast with kaizen, incremental improvement, there is nothing gradual about 3P; it’s a systematized way to achieve kaikaku—step-level change; 3P (Kaikaku) is used for new product line or major process changes.


The 3P Project Roll Out.

Project Sponsorship, Framing, and Resource Organizing:

  • Establish project “Bold Goals”
  • Outline project business case
  • Create project Milestone Plan
  • Facilitate data collection and analysis
  • Prepare 3P team leader and team members for the project ahead
  • Facilitate building of the “Moonshine Shop” (a specially equipped area dedicated to experimentation and building prototypes)


Project Team Skills Development:

  • Formally launch the project as a “full-time” improvement initiative
  • Conduct 3P Training
  • Create management reporting system
  • Process Execution and Support:
  • Provide ongoing support and direction to 3P team


Read more about 3P: White Paper “3P Kaikaku – Moving Beyond Kaizen”.


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