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The Customer Value Chain

A company’s ultimate goal is to create value for its customers. Each person within an organization must therefore must meet internal or external customers’ demands and expectations.
Successful companies seek to continually:

– Seek the Voice of Customer.

– Understand the customer’s experience and journey.

– Implement more simple and shorter processes by reducing or eliminating all non value-added activities in each value stream and service flow.

– Measure and improve customer satisfaction and overall experience.


Leadership and Management Systems

In today’s world, organizations are open, relying on teams and networks, and committed to continually innovate and seek improvements. Management must therefore learn to:

– Articulate and share their corporate vision.

– Establish trust between management and employees by removing hierarchical barriers and through consistent and ethical behavior.

– Reinforce the vision at all levels within the organization.

– Build dynamic resources and performance management systems.


Total assets management

Management responsibility includes developing a true assets management strategy for both durable and flexible equipment, able to reliably respond and meet new market demands while reducing the operational risks and liabilities for the company, the customer, society and the environment. Management must therefore:

– Commit operators to master and maintain assets and equipment.

– Manage installations, production equipment and other assets life cycle.

– Combine input from design, manufacturing and maintenance to develop installations and processes optimized within each Value Stream


Strategic innovation

An organization’s ability to be nimble and innovate to out of the Red Ocean is a direct function of its progress and maturity towards Operational Excellence. It is based on:

– Listening and communicating with customers and clients, and understanding new market requirements.

– Quickly developing new products, services and processes.

– Mobilizing and engaging the whole organization towards creativity.

– Rethinking and reengineering processes.

– Continually challenging, reviewing and validating its business model.


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