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One week at the Ohio State University campus…

LMAC SERVICES - 3rd week - april 2015


It was an interesting day, which started with participants making a review of all the Lean methodologies, when to apply them, and for which purpose.

We then had a very interesting presentation about Lean implementation in Nationwide IT department, and across all company. Very good case study about how to involve Leaders at every level in the company transformation and build Lean leadership.

A lot of good questions!


It was the Leadership and Policy Deployment day. We covered two major elements in the Lean Transformation:

- how to build a Lean management system, how should leaders behave differently,

- and how you align people efforts in the same direction, how leadership clarifies and deploys Strategy…

Participants have been very active in building Policy Deployment on the basis of a case study we gave them. A lot of challenges in making it good and relevant! And a lot of fun too!


So what?? We have experimented some situational about Lean leadership, and then we discussed, with the full support of our two participants representing Finance how to build Lean Accounting. They struggled with showing how much money you save short term through Lean, and how to build a specific approach to show all the great benefits you get from Lean!

We then had an intense afternoon, a real learning experience, by listening to our participants while they presented their projects. Some excitement, good questions, and good suggestions coming from the group… we are almost at the end! Almost ready for the final exam to-morrow!


Final day. Participants came early, for a 30-minute review, with some excitement and concern about the final exam. They then took place in the room, whose layout had been specifically modified to allow focus and concentration. The exam lasted for over 3 hours…

While I was busy marking the copies, our future LMAC graduates went on a guided tour of the OSU Stadium. Very cold and windy, but they enjoyed this only moment out of the classroom, although the concern about “shall we pass or not,” was high. During the tour, information spread out that all of them passed! Relief and relax…

Graduation took place in the Fisher College Board Room, and participants received their certificate from Peter Ward’s hands, who has made us the honor of his presence during every training week. We terminated the week and the whole Lean Manager Certification with a very friendly and nice dinner.
Next stage will certainly be to share learning and experience in a just a few months!

Good luck to everyone… 


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